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    The machine is driven by servo motor to realize automatic straightening and conveying function of wire rod.

    The machine adopts the sensor and AC AC motor to send the wire, and the wire can be delivered smoothly, and the wire can be supplied to the host. Whether the machine can detect and alert presence of wire, wire overload, send linear velocity is enough, and will send line bad message to use wire cutting machine or automatic terminal machine downtime processing, in order to achieve stable, high-speed line, the device can be or pill with universal shaft spool.

    Cooperate with our company JQ series automatic terminal pressing machine wire transfer.

    Maximum delivery speed: 6m/s.

    Maximum acceleration: 34m/s2.

    Transverse area of wire: 0.2mm squared -4mm squared.

    Maximum coil diameter: 650mm.

    Maximum coil height: 1000mm.

    Storage capacity: 6.5m.



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