1. TL-50 Wire Harness Tape Winding Machine
  2. TL-50 Wire Harness Tape Winding Machine
  3. TL-50 Wire Harness Tape Winding Machine
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TL-50 is a kind of automatic wire harness tape winding machine, which can be used in: plastic bag, fixed, insulation, label, label.

1, compared with the original manual insulation tape winding can be reduced by 50% of the working time, running time is about 1.8 seconds.

2, with the thermal expansion rubber hose and plastic cap ratio, adhesive tape can save up to 80% of the cost. Adhesive tape can be estimated.

3, no stress state to handle wire harness welding point, pressure contact.

4, can set the number of adhesive layer, automatic detection of the outer diameter of the wire harness, calculate the length of the plastic, to set the number of adhesive layer.

Winding ModeMiddle or point winding
Tape Width9-50mm
Tape I.D1.5"-3"
Power SupplyAC 220V  50Hz
Power Output900W
Air Pressure5-6Bar



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