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ZDQG-6800 Corrugated tubing cutting
1) Unique cutting process allows for cutting exactly on the "peak" of the tubing, providing a clean cut completely around the tube
2) For application requiring slit tubing, it features a post-process slitting unit
3) With the perfect corrdination of a powerful pulling device a precise infrared detection and a rotating cutting head.
4) It is possible to create, wide or ultra thin can be processed by using different blade sets. With an optional slitting unit it is possible to open the tube after the cutting operation.
5) Able to process split and closed corrugated tubing.

Provide : 1)  One-year warranty, full-life service

               2) CE Approved

ZDQG-6800 Corrugated tubing cutting

Cutting Range8-30mm
Cutting Length20mm–9999900mm
Cutting Length Unit0.1mm
Precision Grade±1 Wave Peak
Max. Feeding Speed1.7 m/s
Transmission Speed≤1.5M/S
Cutting Positionwave peak of closing or
opening corrugated tube
Tool MaterialHigh speed tool steel (SKH-51)
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%  50-60 Hz
Power Output1.5KW
Air Pressure5-6Bar



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